Warm Chalet

Customer’s Dream

The customer’s request was clear: everything was to be made of wood, lots of wood, to be seen, touched and felt.

The small space had to be able to house a numerous family and become a pleasant shelter from the hustle and bustle of the city.

A dream comes true

The joy of cooking, being together and living in the home is not diminished by the smaller spaces.

Many expedients were found to use and valorise every single centimetre, like the table that can double in size or the swiss pine logs used as seats, chosen because of the relaxing properties and great scent that this type of wood has.

Focus on

  • the wall covering is “axed”: a particular technique used to make to wood look imperfect and rough, as if it had been worked on with an axe
  • Renza Serafini’s lamps were used, so that the chalet doesn’t look banal
  • The windowless bathroom has been covered with mosaics so that it looks like a small Hammam
  • The table doubles in size by flipping the surface and opening the legs. The piece of furniture behind the sofa becomes an additional bench
  • The fireplace casing is made of ceramic fibre panels that store heat and keep it for several hours. A sort of a fireplace-tiled stove
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