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Customer’s Dream

DAU is a computer software company that developed a program – currently used by many furniture producers all over the world – that eases the production and selling process of a single piece of furniture or an entire layout.

An innovative company that needed to communicate its essence also through the renovation of its headquarters in Pieve di Soligo.

A dream comes true

A lot of natural wood, hidden sockets, huge tables and cosy larch cells for the meetings.

The desks are made of laminated solid wood and some were personalised depending on the different specific production areas.

Big spaces, where freedom of movement mirrors the speed of ideas and creativity.

Part of the layout designed by Casapercasa resembles a big tree with many branches, to further underline the importance of wood in all of DAU’s projects.

Focus on

  • Eucalyptus plywood was used for all the vertical boards.
  • The meeting rooms have sound-absorbing floors.
Some decisions follow the logic, some others the instinct.
Only by visiting Casapercasa’s showroom and laboratories you’ll finally be able to make decisions following your heart.