The factory store

Our showroom isn’t just a showroom.
It’s an integrated workshop, not a collection of furniture.
It’s many homes collected togheter to inspire you and help you invent your own.
It’s not a catalog to look at and touch but an exhibiton of living concepts where you can measure yourself and find your place.

There are our iconic pieces, like Inlungoinlargo, the extensive bookshelf welcoming you at the entrance, and products from our affiliated partners.

We live here, work here, relax here and cook our Saturday lunch, just like you would, because furniture is meant to be lived by people, not just to shine in specialized magazine photos. Determining what is beautiful for you and making it your own dimension is the sustainable luxury you can start living right away.

Spend some time with us.
Showroom and labs are waiting you: desire, immagine, discover, choose, realize.