Laboratorio del legno

… Wise hands


We produce solutions to your problems right here.
Your giant bookshelf, the table for working comfortably, the perfect counter for that long-awaited aperitif – all these solutions are born here.
Designers, architects, and skilled craftsmen converge in our workshop.
They start with materials, cultivate ethical, productive and corporate philosophies, and yield innovative products and prototypes perfect for you.
Luxury is not in the price but in the quality of the idea behind it.


The wood worksop is a dynamic assembly space, dedicated to high-resistance resins and precious inert materials.

Our air-dried resins are secreted by coniferous plants like larch, pine and spruce, or borad-leaved trees like ficus and beech.
Applied manually and dilutable with water, they can be reapplied even after long time.
The gloss reference is equivalent to 10 gloss.
Stain and impact resistance are up to 5 times higher than traditional paint.

Spend some time with us.
Showroom and labs are waiting you: desire, immagine, discover, choose, realize.