Inlungoinlargo welcomes you as soon as you enter.
It guides you along the corridor, reveals the showroom, hides our offices, unveils unexpected corners.
Because Inlungoinlargo is like that, unpredictable, limitless, hyper-customizable, perfect wherever you want it.

Sistema di libreria su misura
Libreria in legno e metallo naturale
Libreria inlungoinlargo in legno
Libreria su misura con ante in legno naturale
Libreria in legno naturale
Prodotti casapercasa
Accessorio porta bottiglie in legno
Accessorio portabicchieri in legno
Prodotti Casapercasa


Forrest is like a bad penny – it turns up anywhere. But unlike a bad penny, everyone likes it because it’s an ecological container to be placed wherever you prefer: it flows naturally without hardware thanks to the technology invented in our workshop.
Hide products in the bathroom, place a TV on top and store remote controls underneath, use it for dishes in the kitchen, have your kids store their toys… all without ever seeing a joint.

Forrest scorrevolezza naturale
prodotti casapercasa
Pensile cucina in legno naturale
Base giorno in legno naturale con ante scorrevoli
Madia con ante scorrevoli
Pensile cucina Forrest
Spend some time with us.
Showroom and labs are waiting you: desire, immagine, discover, choose, realize.