Albino is the magician of tables:
all in natural larch, natural oak, and thermally treated oak. Its trick? An extension that elegantly fits in thanks to perfect interlocking, without the need for any hardware. Ta-dah!

Italo is the lord of extendable tables, with its unique style. In natural oak or thermally treated oak, it surprises you with side drawers that hide and reveal, like the script of an Oscar-worthy film. And when it doesn’t extend the table, it becomes a living room table, so that you’re always seated in the front row.

Big size, big personality: Filiberto is the table that knows how to stand out.
Top in natural larch or natural oak, and a natural metal base that gracefully supports its grandeur.

Subtle, yet with a noteworthy character:
Cesare is the table with a metal structure embracing two layers of natural oak and thermally treated oak. Choose the color of the structure that reflects you the most, highlight it with a matte finish, and enjoy a tailor-made piece of design.

The playful tilt from Albino and PGreco turns Rotondo into the rebel among tables, our true style renegade.
Crafted with precision in natural larch, sleek black-stained larch, warm natural oak, or enveloping thermally treated oak, it’s not just an irreverent table but your meticulously designed playground.

Ovale is the table with a heart of wood and soaring dreams. Crafted with passion in natural oak, thermally treated oak, natural larch, or, if you’re feeling bold, paired with black-stained larch for the legs and gres in Calacatta marble finish for the top. Style and character, all in one.

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