A house, beautiful and yours

At Casapercasa your designers are a collaborative team that listens, sees, hears anda makes you the visionary architect without whom the project couldn’t progress.

Libreria su misura in legno naturale

The design team at Casapercasa doesn’t create a list of furniture, fabrics and finishes, but instead crafts your feng shui, whatever that may be.

Accessorio cucina Porta bicchieri in legno
Piante aromatiche in cucina

Designers, architects and skilled craftsmen converge in our workshop.
They start with materials, cultivate ethical, productive, and corporate philosophies, and yield innovative products and prototypes perfect for you.

The wood workshop is a dynamic space, dedicated to high-resistance resins and precious inert materials.

Expectations run high when you step into an interior design studio.

Cucina nera
Soggiorno con tenda in lino naturale

Live the experience of the integrated wood lab and see with your own eyes the materials.

Libreria su misura in metallo naturale e legno naturale
Portabicchieri in legno
Accessorio porta bottiglie in legno naturale

Our showroom isn’t just a showroom.
It’s an integrated workshop, not a collection of furniture.
It’s many homes collected together to inspire you and help you invent your own.

Spend some time with us.
Showroom and labs are waiting you: desire, immagine, discover, choose, realize.