Transform your spaces

“To transform this house just a month after the inspection seemed impossible”

Lavorare con Casapercasa significa cogliere le
Working with Casapercasa means understanding the opportunity that a space can give you and bring it to life with consciousness.

Exemples of solutions before and after

Even our new headquarter was a nearly abandoned garage which was given new life.

When the overview has per his fulcrum the rielaboration of the existent.

Simple and natural materials if worked wisely can be translated into some sort of new richness.

Transformation intended as integrated concept and not as combination of furnitures

How can you obtain a free proposal?
With one appointment and a little chat, you will be able to preview your solution and you will have the capacity to look at your own spaces with a completely different perspective.

Luxury is not in the price but in the quality of the idea behind it.

Our artisans + our deisgners + our partners + You

Spend some time with us.
Showroom and labs are waiting you: desire, immagine, discover, choose, realize.